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英語演講稿 第一篇:英語演講稿 - 情 Love ever since the daankind, there have been myriads of diversifed inventions, discoveries, and even explorations of the mysteries of the universe. in fact, the human beings are so intelligent that ost all kinds of problems ade out ost famous people such as great politicians, saints and philosophers can clarify the meaning of “Love”, neither can they deal it nor escape from it. like it or not, , that shrouds in different people from different angels; it is a merciless net that upsets us or even tortures us to death. it is also a supreme net ost no human can surpass. even if they are heroes, emperors, en or saints, they can do nothing but shomonness and vulgarity. Love can bring us temporary comfort and happiness, but mostly they bring about annoyance and sufferings. maybe this is the reason any people have seen through the illusions of the mortal this boundless, ever-existing and indifferent net of Love. Love is varied and changeable, but roughly it can be divided into three categories: family Love, fraternal Love and amatory Love. not like monkey king ped out of the rocks, others pregnancy of about nine months, hence ily Love is
    th and support from our beLoved ones are ost. but hoany of us are determined to contribute to our beLoved one? and hoany dont expect repayment and relaxed. conscience even if they have the desire and preparation to contribute to their beLoved. the distance betuch erge. parents al frequent visits after they have got married. if the children fail to do this, they feel hurt and upset, and theyll even complain about their children, because they just cant understand after any years to bring them up. nevertheless, ones experience determines his ideology. young children are naturally attached to their parents, but ade their oarried, ost is independence and freedom, and parents sometimes might become their burden. once there is generation gap, it becomes more difficult to communicate and this keeps them a their parents. objectively speaking, they need more independence in order to achieve success. in the present society, ost is the economic support from their parents, not their moral support or guidance. they plain if your economic support is not up to their expectations. the Love from uncles and aunties grand-parents and grand parents-in-laands no repayment, and they are also too old to ent. as for the distant
    relatives, their Love depends on their needs, just as the old saying goes “the poor have no friends even